36th Closeup Convention

The Abbott Magic Close-Up Convention has provided Magicians the chance to expand their repertoires with the greatest close-up talent in the world performing and lecturing at a reasonable price. The Close-Up Convention takes place March 20 & 21 2015 and features Garrett Thomas and Caleb Wiles. Registrations are available online at www.abbottmagic.com or call 269-432-3235. Limited seating available!

GARRETT THOMAS is a close-up magician based out of WNY who performs at public and private events across the United States. As a magician, Garrett is known for being an innovator as well as one of the top card, coin, and ring manipulators. His original effects, extreme technical skills, and keen understanding of human psychology culminate in highly visual, entertaining, and often enlightening routines.

CALEB WILES - Get ready to step into the ring with one of magicís newest heavy hitters. Calebís lecture is full of incredible close-up routines that are designed for the real world. You wonít find any pipe dreams here. Every effect has been highly acclaimed by the most important critics in magicÖ real live audiences! But thatís not to say that magicians arenít excited about his material as well. His books, DVDs, and Genii column articles have received rave reviews from professionals all over the world.


7:00PM Introduction by Gordon Miller, Dollar Raffle and Auction.
7:15PM People's Choice one trick contest with $200 in merchandise certificate prizes.
9:00PM Show featuring Garrett Thomas & Caleb Wiles in Concert will take place.

9:00AM Coffee and donuts compliments of Abbott Magic
10:00AM Mini Auction - Closeup Effects
10:30AM Caleb Wiles Lecture
12:00 noon Lunch on your own
1:30PM Mini Auction - Closeup & General Magic
2:00PM Garrett Thomas Lecture
4:30PM Banquet - Menu includes salad, Broasted Chicken, Green Bean casserole, rolls, salad, Coffee, Tea, Punch, and Dessert.
6:30PM Saturday Night Gala Show will begin.

Past Closeup Lecturers

1980 Harry Lorayne 1981 Scotty York
1982 David Roth 1983 John Cornelius, Bruce Florek
1984 Tommy Wonder, Mike Powers 1985 Phil Willmarth, Eugene Burger
1986 David Ben, Hank Moorehouse, Dan Garrett 1987 Steve Beam, Johnny "Ace" Palmer
1988 Tommy Edwards, Jay Marshall, Jon Brunelle 1989 Jay Sankey, David Harkey, Tim Wright, Jon Brunelle
1990 Don Alan, J.C. Wagner, Randy Wakeman 1991 Simon Aronson/David Solomon, David Neighbors, John Rachenbaumer
1992 Dan Fleshman, John Luka, Mike Rogers 1993 Tom Carven, Dan Harlan, Mike Powers
1994 Eric DeCamps Obie Obrien, Don England 1995 Robert Bengel, Bob King, Danny Tong
1996 Bill Goldman, Jim Krenz, David Roth 1997 Paul Cummins, Dan Garrett, Carl Cloutier
1998 Steve Bidwell, Doc Dixon, John Luka 1999 Joshua Jay, Steve Draun, Lennert Green
2000 Gregory Wilson, Jim Krzak 2001 Paul Green, Eugene Burger
2002 Manual Murerte, Pit Hartling 2003 Doc Eason, Chad Long
2004 R. Paul Wilson, Carl Cloutier 2005 Bob Sheets, Bruce Bernstein, Tomas Medina
2006 Eric DeCamps, David Solomon, Mike Powers 2007 David Costi, Nathan Kranzo, Dan Fleshman
2008 Marc Oberon, Ed Ellis, Kostya Kimlat 2009 Paul Gertner, Tom Craven, Mike Powers, Gordon Miller
2010 John Bannon, Steve Beam 2011 Stephen Bargatze, Rick Merrill
2012 Bill Abbott, Richard Sanders 2013 Eric Jones, David Regal
2014 Kainoa Harbottle, Max Maven 2015 Garrett Thomas, Caleb Wiles

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