Les Arnold
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Les Arnold and his daughter Alex (Dazzle) have show biz running through their veins. The Arnold magic bloodline originates with les' grandfather, The Great Leon, a vaudeville headliner. From the moment they step onto the stage you realize somethings not right here...Whether this seasoned magician knows it or not, his flamboyant assistant is stealing the show! As ducks magically disappear and reappear, its Dazzle's job to get them offstage, despite her phobia for animals. It's a roller coaster ride of laughs hows, and astonishment! The Les Arnold and Dazzle act is a satirical look at every "stuffed shirt" magician you've ever seen and every obnoxious assistant you wish you hadn't. The magic is solid but the characters are comically unstable, resulting in a funhouse ride of laughs, gasps, and astonishment. The act has been seen by Millions across the world via their tours and television specials - a feature article on the act was published in Magic Magazine in July 2005. Alexandra, who in addition to performing as dazzle has also teamed up with friend Britney Cole in "The Dupress Sisters."